Té Quiero Jasmine



Teatime is a famous ritual, so how can we make it more special?



In Spanish, Té quiero can either mean “I love you” or “I want tea”. Based in these two meanings, we created a package that inspires love and gives tea in a lovely, cute way. We played with the idea of having the tea presented in a bud. Theshape would depend on the flower that would be used for the infusion. So we created a nice gimmick for the tea bags. The package blooms like a flower to unveil petals that hold handmade tea bags.



A good concept behind the package can change the experience of teatime making it even more sweet and cute. This project has been published in blogs, web magazines and books around the globe and it has been chosen as one of the 200 world’s best packaging designs of the by Lüzers Archive.


“ACHU! Studio created a spectacular tea packaging that unfolds before your eyes.”

The Dieline

“Many will agree that a cup of tea is already a delightful part of your day, but Ecuador-based ACHU! Studio aspired to make your average ritual beautiful and exciting. “

Branding Magazine

“Ecuador’s ACHU! Studio has gone to a great deal of time and trouble to design and fabricate one of the most elegant paper tea packages we’ve seen.”

Paper Specs