Paper Fairy Tail Masks

Paper masks for kids

‘La Facultad’ an advertising agency, developed a playful christmas campaign for its client ‘Libri Mundi’ a book store. The main goal of the campaign was encourage parents to give books as christmas present to their children. To made books more appealing, they came with the idea of create a kit where any children’s book came with sheets of paper, where children and parents can find paper masks to cut and play.

For this project we designed 5 different masks of 5 most representative characters of fairy tales. The structure of the mask was simple to cut and ensemble, and its size was intended to fit the face of an adult or a child. The result was marvellous parents and kids enjoyed books in a more interactive way.

Client: Librimundi

Agency: La Facultad

Año: 2014


La Facultad Creative Direction: Xavo Barona & Andrés Freile

Art Direction: Daniela Hurtado

Photography: Dayoco Estudio