Coffee Bubo


Work in collaboration of Mendiboy


As we realized in other products (link a Hauted Tissue Packaging), the product is not the only one responsible for the consumer’s experience. Having an ordinary shape is not an excuse to stop playing and trying to find the right way to make it more appealing.



Bubo means owl. The brand tries to represent the strong character of Ecuadorian coffee, choosing a night animal. Working with a low packaging production budget in mind, we chose a generic box. In order to lose the ordinary look of the packaging, we tried different kinds of illustration until founnd de right one.



“This is a great design concept for a specialty brand or gourmet food outfit. The packaging demonstrates the brand’s appreciation for artistry and reflects the bold, dark flavor of Ecuadorian coffee. Each medium, from aluminum cans to paper containers, becomes a great canvas for incredible illustration.”
The Dieline


Details make the difference. The quality of the illustration helped the comsumer to forget the ordinary look of the box and transformed it in a unique coffee packaging for the brand.