Alku Packaging

‘Alku Pets’, is young ecuadorian brand that manufactures eco friendly toys and food for dogs. One of its products, is dog treats. Alku developed two kind of treats:  one with collagen to keep dog’s joints healthy and the other one with an intense flavor to help you train your dog. As client’s requirement, we need to design a packaging that contains both kind of treats. We developed a packaging with an internal structure that separates the different treats and has two different openings on each side to get one treat or the other.  The dog form of the packaging, was the key to catch the attention of the customers of this innovative product and helped this young brand to be more visible in the local market.

Client: Alku Pets

Creative Direction & Design: Daniela Hurtado

Photo Production: Lilu&Woke

Photo Art Direction: Christian Ramos & Daniela Hurtado

Models: Buffy & Figo