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Three Courses Meal Packaging

‘De la Llama’ is a restaurant that in its early years delivered a three courses meals to busy workers that didn’t have too much time to cook a proper and healthy meal to eat in their lunch break.

To deliver this kind of three courses meal, they needed a packaging that had 4 different compartments, be easy to carry, be reusable and cheap. With this requirements, we came with the idea of develop a cardboard ‘Vianda’ a sort of mess kit or lunch box, that carry four pots for separe the main course from the entree and the dessert.  The cardboard structure withstand 1800 gr. and its prepare to be carry in a neglectful way.

We saved resources by creating and structure that doesn’t need any adhesive process, and don’t use too much material. By doing this our client save 30% of the budget for the packaging production and more, cause the strength of the structure and material let ‘De la Llama’ to reuse each packaging up to 5 times for customer.

Creative Art Direction: Daniela Hurtado

Packaging Structure Design: Daniela Hurtado

Photography: Dayoco Estudio

Photography Art Direction: Daniela Hurtado

Make up: Sofia Alcore

Model:Isabella Cadena

Case study published in: IDN Magazine



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