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A Thoughtful Packaging

Agros is an ecuadorian agrochemical manufacture, that develop several kind of products to help its customers to keep its crops healthy in every stage of cultivation. When the client request us to design the label of his product family, we find out a major cultural problem. As mandatory regulation, the label of every agrochemical product must containing a lot of 聽written informati贸n about it. The problem is that most of the consumers of this kind of products are peasants with a low level of education and most of the cases illiterates. When peasants need to buy the right product to apply on his crop, they struggled with all the written information. This situation was taking them the power to choose what they know is the best for their plants. 聽

We created a simple but playful visual language to support them to identify easy the most important information they need to know.

First, we made a visual distinction between products by its layout. Inspired in the develope of plants we decrease the color of the label according the stage of cultivation.

Them we introduce in the exact same place in every label, a smart space, 聽that contains icons and abbreviations with key information to peasants like:

Stage of cultivation

The right way to applied the product

crops where product can be use

With this visual language we are not only changing the rules by designing a most thoughtful packaging in a neglected category, but we also empowered peasants to be sure of what they are buying.

Creative Direction: Christian Ramos & Daniela Hurtado

Art Direction & Design: Daniela Hurtado

Photography: Dayoco Estudio

Video production: Lilu&Woke

Case study published in: IDN Magazine



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